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Heating and Air Conditioning

Bryant heating and air conditioning systems are available in many countries. In South-Eastern Manitoba, your Bryant dealer is Penn-lite Electrical & Mechanical.

We carry a full line of Bryant products for both your home and office. Heating and air conditioning systems should be treated the same as your car. They work hard all year and they need to be serviced and tuned on a regular basis. The system will bring many years of indoor comfort if it is maintained well.

There are many options to improving indoor air quality in our homes these days. Many of these components require regular maintenance and service as well. Many manufactures are now asking for service records before replacing parts and components under warranty.

All of our Bryant equipment comes with a 5 year labour, 10 year parts warranty. With a 10 year warranty it becomes very important that regular service is performed. With today’s high efficient heating and air conditioning equipment, our service people have been trained in brand specific products. We have a lot of experience in servicing Bryant equipment, as well as a good cross training in many of the other systems being installed.

At Penn-lite we offer a scheduled service agreement that will comply with all the manufacturers requirements to fully capitalize on long term warranties. There is no administration cost to our program. Once our customers have agreed to the agreement, we will consult the client prior to performing any work. Our staff will call, verify and schedule an appointment that is convenient for you. We fully understand that things change from time to time and therefore we will consult with you prior to having any service performed.

Safe, efficient heating and air conditioning will reduce operating costs throughout the heating and cooling season. Scheduled preventative maintenance will reduce the untimely emergency calls that frustrate and inconvenience all of us.

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