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Why A Maintenance Agreement?
You wouldn’t buy a brand new car and never expect to put air in the tires, change the oil, and check out any unusual noises, would you? Well, in the same way, it is important to have regular service and inspections of your comfort equipment by a qualified technician. Just as well running a car can get the best gas mileage and keep you safe on the road, properly running home comfort equipment will run more efficiently and keep you comfortable and safe in your home.

As a matter of fact, good warranties can make you complacent about the need for regular service and inspections for your home comfort system. Warranties, though very important to cover the end user if anything does break down, will not ensure your unit will perform at its peak efficiency – or keep you safe in your home.

Prevent Problems Before They Start!!
Consider the purchase of a planned maintenance agreement and head off problems before they start. Even the best equipment, if not maintained properly, could have mechanical breakdowns.

Benefits Of Planned Maintenance
Having your equipment serviced on a regular basis has many benefits for you:
» Lengthens the life of the equipment by keeping it in good working condition
» It maintains efficient operation, which saves energy dollars
» Servicing a small problem before it turns into a big problem will save you money
» It will put you on a Priority Service list for the blazing days of summer, or stormy days of winter
» We give you service by trained, experienced technicians from an established dealership
» Regular service protects your warranty
» Sign up now for up to 2 years and lock in your maintenance costing

Planned Service Agreement Will Help Keep Your Home Safe!!
Carbon Monoxide in your home is a threat to your safety, but it is a threat that is preventable. It is important to schedule annual maintenance by a qualified technician to check combustion appliances to ensure they are working properly and that all chimneys and vents are connected and free from blockage. Combustion appliances include water heaters, stoves, clothes dryers, furnaces, space heaters and others.

For more information, click here and fill out the form. We look forward to contacting you with more details.

Furnace Maintenance Includes:
» Check heat exchanger for cracks (if applicable)
» Inspect blower (clean if required)
» Inspection of all moving parts
» Inspection of fan belt and adjust if necessary
» Oiling of fan motor & all necessary parts
» Removal and cleaning of air filter
» Cleaning & calibration check on thermostat
» Check, test & adjust all safety controls
» Dust furnace casing
» Inspect & clean burners (if applicable)
» Clean/adjust pilot assembly or electronic ignition
» Check gas pressure at manifold (if applicable)
» Check for gas leaks (if applicable)
Air Conditioner Maintenance Includes:
» Check all wiring & ground connections
» Inspection of fan blade & motor bracket
» Oiling of condenser motor
» Test operating pressures
» Test amperage & voltage to all motors
» Check & clean evaporator coil (if required)
» Clean condenser coil
» Test & adjust all safety controls
» Check condensate drain for blockage
» Check for signs of potential areas that might create
   refrigeration leaks
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